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Can I save you from a big mistake? 

Can I save you from a personal insurance mistake? Can I save you from carrying a commercial insurance coverage that doesn't pertain to your policy? Can I save you from not getting a coverage that you should have? I might be able to save a few bucks but, isn't better to have the knowledge that your truck or car may not be covered the way that its written up? Let me explain: Over the years, I've seen a lot of errors that the public has made that has cost them dearly in time, money and unfulfilled insurance benefits. After all the insurance carriers will look for any legal reason to get out of paying a claim. Lawncutters that use their pickup truck to transport lawncutting equipment from location to location must have business use. Food Spoilage on a Reefer Truck during transport along with loss of use of the vehicle. Taking a vehicle off your policy in Pennsylvania and not surrendering the tag to Harrisburg voids first party benefits on the other vehicles on the policy. I once reviewed a schedule of vehicles for a Township and found vehicles that were no longer in use being carried on the schedule, tax money being flushed down the drain. I trully love the work I do. I help my clients to properly document their policies whether it be an accident or an inventory. Its a good feeling making sure that the insurance is up to date and the right coverage.  If it's right I don't mind giving a claen bill of health and help manage the policy even if I don't write it myself. Our agency management system allows access to your policy information 24 hours a day, Seven days a week. You will be happy to know that we have all your insurance policies, safe and secure in one place. Of course, I want to be your broker for all your insurance. ype your paragraph here.

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